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When it comes to your project, GEC considers every single aspect from design and planning to the final build. We look at the space to be developed and the materials you are considering, checking for strength, resilience, and aligning your needs with building regulations. With our vast experience of the design and build process, we are highly adept at matching sound design partnerships with our expert building skills. This ensures we always provide the highest level of quality when it comes to the design, planning and build process.

One of our projects used a mix of traditional materials and glass, which needed full design considerations. A kitchen area was extended outwards using bifolding doors, which linked the inside to the outside. We had to use a glass balustrade to meet building regulations, while still providing a view of the lovely gardens. What’s more, a flat roof design was used to give a base for a fitted solar panel system.


Working with professional design consultants, you will have the choice of superb, experienced designers who can create beautiful, contemporary and stylish spaces for your home or property. Plus, we provide working structural and architectural solutions, resulting in fully considered, practical designs.


Working closely with our architect, we will suggest ideas on how you can manage spaces effectively within your home or property, ensuring you gain the most benefit from the work that we do. Plus, we will steer you through building regulations and planning applications, always giving you our full support throughout your entire project.


We only work with highly experienced and skilled building teams; everyone is managed by our expert project managers. Plus, every project is closely monitored and controlled by detailed construction plans. We will use a quantity surveyor and materials estimator to ensure every aspect of your build is covered, which means we won’t go over budget or past our completion date.

If your home or property just needs updating for a modern look or a more creative use of space, GEC will give you ideas on how to get the most out of your renovation.

For the finest quality design, planning and build solutions in Leicestershire, please call 01455 616390or contact us by email – we will manage the whole process for you.